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Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier

Owner:  Terece Morelli


Hello, I am Morelli's Maximum Speed. I was given that name when I was just 12 weeks old with the hopes that I would live up to it one day. My Mom picked me out because out of the group she was looking at I was the only one to bring back a ball and toys over and over again.  When I was 8 months old I went to my first flyball class but I thought chasing the other dogs was more fun than the ball I so loved
at home. I did that for 5 weeks then at the very last class I chased the ball, didn't want to make it too easy on my Mom. Then for the next two years or so I found other reasons not to actually race anywhere other than my club. I chased another dog and didn't get another try the whole weekend, and I didn't even catch him! Then for several months I jumped all the jumps to the box, but really, what's the point in jumping them BACK from the box? I'd already done them once right? But Mom just wouldn't let it go, so just to make her hush I finally did the jumps the way she wants and got my first two titles. She was happy and so were my friends, someone gave me hotdogs
to eat so I may do it her way more in the future. Not everytime probably, wouldn't want her to take me for granted!  









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